Although most diets help you lose weight, the truth is 95% of the people gain all the weight back and more when they go back to old habits. The Dukan Diet redesigns your eating habits and permanently stabilizes your weight. It’s a high protein, low fat, low carb diet with a healthy eating plan consisting of proteins and vegetables.

The four-phase Dukan Diet helps you lose and stabilize your weight. It’s not a guarantee of extreme results in record time, but a promise that if you follow the instructions you will achieve your true weight. A realistic weight that you can both attain and maintain for the coming years.

The attack phase

Jump-start your weight loss: A pure protein diet plan is intended to give a kick-start to the diet. During this attack phase, you consume 68 high-protein foods showing immediate and noticeable weight loss.

The cruise phase

Reach your true weight: In the cruise phase, 32 more vegetables are added to take you to your true weight. Between all the options, there are 100 natural food products to choose from. You will gradually and steadily lose weight, alternating between pure protein days and protein and vegetable days. The duration of the cruise phase is based on a schedule of three days for each pound you want to lose.

The consolidation phase

Prevent the rebound effect: Watch out as you are most vulnerable during this time because the body will try to regain weight, quickly. The consolidation phase prevents that from happening by slowly returning the previously forbidden foods in limited quantities. This phase also allows for up to two celebration meals per week. Following a strict timeline, this phase has five days per pound lost in the previous phase. You must follow one other important thing, once the consolidation phase has begun, Thursday can be a pure protein day.

The stabilization phase

Definitely crucial for life: The stabilization phase lasts for the rest of your life. By following the previous phases to the letter, you have learned how to eat healthier. Additionally, you must also follow three simple and non-negotiable rules:

  • You must eat three tablespoons of oat bran per day.
  • You must exercise and/or walk 20 minutes daily and if the option presents itself, choose to take the stairs.
  • You also need to keep your Thursday a pure protein day, meaning the attack phase menu.

It is a common sight that most people regain the weight they have lost when they reach their target weight. But with the Dukan Diet method, you get a complete program that not only helps you with weight loss but also helps maintain the target weight. The first two phases are devoted to helping you reach your set goal: The attack phase and the cruise phase, and the last two phases are completely dedicated to the maintenance of your true weight, i.e. the consolidation phase and stabilization phase. The stabilization phase is the easiest and most important phase of the program.