Taking proper care of skin is monumental in preventing physical discomfort arising from skin issues. Furthermore, a flawless skin improves one’s appearance thereby boosting self-confidence. In order to make the skin appear healthy and glowing, internal grooming is more important than external cleansing.

The health experts suggest consumption of wholesome food that helps in internal purification of the body and enables its positive reflection on the outer skin. This article will enlighten on the types of foods containing essential skin vitamins that must be consumed by all.

Foods loaded with Vitamin C
It is an important vitamin that protects the well-being of skin cells. Vitamin C is technically known as ascorbic acid and its intake maximizes the body’s nutrient absorption capacity. Dark leafy vegetables are the most important source of these skin vitamins. Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits contain a substantial proportion of vitamin C as well. Broccoli, papaya, and bell papers are other vegetables that are good sources of this vitamin.

Foods rich in Vitamin A
Consumption of vitamin A in the form of various foods helps in the building of healthy skin cells. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties add suppleness and firmness to the skin surface. These skin vitamins are found in abundance in carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe. Spices such as red pepper, paprika, and cayenne are also loaded with vitamin A.

Foods loaded with Vitamin D
The utility of vitamin D for bone growth is widely known. However, the usefulness of this skin vitamin for skin health is still elusive to several people. Vitamin D enhances the immunity power of the skin cells, thereby stimulating the growth of skin cells, and fastens the process of their repair. Eggs, mushroom, and milk are high in vitamin D content. Among seafood, consumption of catfish, salmon, and oysters provide the body with enough of this vitamin.

Foods that contain Vitamin B
Vitamin B3 is extremely beneficial for improving the appearance of the skin. In addition, it is equally effective in treating skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, eczema, acne, and dermatitis. Broccoli, mushrooms, green peas, and oats are some of the food items wherein a considerable amount of skin vitamins are found. Intake of these foods heals any kind of skin infection and lends shine and suppleness to the skin.

Foods rich in Vitamin K
In order to cure every sort of hyperpigmentation of the skin, people can turn to vitamin K without any hesitation. It reduces the appearances of skin scars and bruise marks to a significant extent. Vitamin K is popularly prescribed for treating rosacea, a skin condition wherein redness in patches appears on the skin. Asparagus, brussels sprouts, and parsley are abundant with these skin vitamins.

Foods high in anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties need to be incorporated in the daily diet of people. Consumption of these foods detoxifies the body from within and improves skin texture and quality. The resultant positive changes motivate people to take better care of themselves by embracing a healthy lifestyle.