A stroke is a medical condition that can be fatal if active steps are not taken to prevent it. A stroke happens when the blood flow to the brain stops, and the brain cells start to die. There are two types of strokes. One is known as ischemic, where there is a blood clot in the brain. The other is called hemorrhagic stroke, where the blood vessel in the brain breaks and bleeds into the brain. A more minor kind is the transient ischemic attacks where the blood supply to the brain is interrupted for a short period of time.

Nonetheless, a stroke causes damage to the brain. There are over a million people in every country who have a stroke every year. This is a condition that can be treated and even prevented with the right kind of lifestyle. In particular, diet plays a key role in stroke risk reduction. The kind of food you eat can directly prevent any episodes of stroke.

Foods that can help with stroke risk reduction
A healthy weight and regular exercise is a combination that is bound to keep you in good shape and away from such strokes. Obesity, in particular, has been proven to make people more prone to strokes. Eating food that will keep your health in check and also prevent strokes can help you stay on the safer side.

Here are some foods that you must indulge in on a regular basis for stroke risk reduction.

As important as green vegetables are in our diet, they have a major contribution towards preventing chronic diseases. It has been directly proven to reduce the chances of a stroke by 20%, with every serving.

Citrus is one of the stroke risk reduction foods that help when consumed over a long period of time. Those who have citrus as a part of their diet for over 10 years reduce their chances of a stroke by 19%.

Whole grains
Whole grains, when consumed in moderation (three servings a day), can effectively prevent a stroke. Having whole grains as a part of the diet is essential to maintain a healthy balance in the body.

Studies have shown that nuts play a key role in preventing strokes. These have essential oils that prevent the chances of blood clots and maintain the right balance in the system.

Garlic comes with several medicinal benefits, one of which is the prevention of strokes. Consuming garlic can reduce the chances of a stroke by 50%.

The high levels of lycopene present in tomatoes play a significant role in stroke risk reduction. It is highly essential for those between the ages of 46 and 55 to eat tomatoes. Consuming tomatoes can reduce the risk of a stroke by 55%/.

Green tea and caffeine
Of the numerous benefits of coffee, a 13-year study based on over 80,000 Japanese adults showed that a cup every day reduces the chances of a stroke by 20%. On the other hand, having 2-3 cups of green tea a day reduces the chances of a stroke by 14%.

These are some of the foods that you must include in your diet for stroke risk reduction. You can even consult a doctor or a health specialist to create a diet plan for stroke prevention.