Kids require good food and adequate nutrition for healthy growth. Due to the increased exposure to advertisements, kids may become adamant on consuming fast food. While it is okay to eat such food once in a while, it is not advisable to have them on a daily basis due to their poor nutritional value. Food is the primary source of nutrition for the body. Kids need all the right amounts of nutrients for their physical and mental development.

Read on to find out more about how to make kids eat healthy food.

Proper snack times
Apart from giving kids three full meals a day, it is also important to ensure that they have snacks in between meals. Most kids are physically active, and this may tire them out quite fast. So, it is necessary for them to have between-meal snacks. A bowl of fruits or a banana can act as a healthy snack. Crackers and cheese is another delicious option.

Visibly exciting food
Kids love having popsicles and pizza due to their visual appeal. You can make popsicles at home with fruits. Watermelon, grapes, and any other seasonal fruit can be used. Make a pulp and freeze it like a popsicle. You can give this fruity treat to your kids whenever they feel like having some snacks. They are a healthy and preservative free alternative to store brought popsicles. To substitute pizza, you can make a savory pancake, add some veggies on top, and grate some cheese on it. In this way. you can prepare a lot of fun snacks for kids which are healthy and tasty.

If your kids leave for school early in the morning or are fussy eaters, smoothies can come to the rescue. Smoothies are a blended mix of vegetables or fruits. Depending on the ingredients used, they are capable of providing adequate nutrition to children. Kids can have a glass of smoothie for breakfast or whenever they fuss about having regular food. These delicious drinks are filling and healthy. Parents can even add kale or spinach to the smoothie to add some greens to their child’s diet. But it is important to not make smoothies a regular habit as kids still need to eat full meals.

Substitute fast food
It is important to not ask children to stay away from fast food as reverse psychology usually kicks in, and they tend to crave fast food even more. Instead, substitute fast food with healthier food options. Instead of candies, give them fruits dipped in chocolate sauce. Substitute potato chips with baked tortilla chips or oven baked chips. These little things will go a long way in ensuring that the kids eat healthily.

Praising healthy choices
Kids in general work well with adequate motivation. Rather than nag them or scold them for bad food choices, motivate them with praise. Whenever the kids eat low fat, low sugar foods which are healthy, compliment them. Offer them an additional hour of playtime in a week for selecting healthy foods. In this way, you make sure that they eat healthily and also stay active.