If your hair is really dry, it is an indication of hair damage. When your scalp does not retain the moisture and the glands are secreting less natural oil, it can result in having dry hair. Dry hair can harm your looks, beauty, and personality. You can easily conclude if your hair is dry using a tissue patch test. When you wake up in the morning and press a tissue behind your ear or near your hairline, if there is no grease on the tissue, it means that your hair is dry.

Many lifestyle changes, hair care products, and the use of moisturizing products and conditioners are useful to treat dry hair. Along with these, kitchen ingredients and home remedies can fix dry hair too. In this article, we are going to give an overview of home remedies that can help repair dry hair.

Rose petal hair mask
You can use this aromatic rose hair mask to treat your dry hair. The procedure is very simple. You require almond oil, eggs, and fresh rose petal paste. You can blend fresh rose petals into a paste with a smooth consistency. Beat the eggs and mix all these ingredients together and apply the mask for one hour to your hair which can later be washed off with your regular shampoo.

Oil massage
It is a very simple and relaxing procedure that can repair dry hair. You need to take half a cup of warm coconut oil or olive oil. Do not boil it. With a cotton pad, you can apply the oil to your scalp and then massage it properly for good results. You can wrap your hair using a shower cap and you can keep it overnight or wash it after one hour with a normal shampoo.

Avocado and banana mask
Avocados are excellent to seal the moisture in the hair and bananas are useful to increase the elasticity of hair strands. You need to mash a ripe banana and avocado together in a lump-free consistency. This mask can be applied to the hair for half an hour and later be washed using lukewarm water.

Application of egg yolk
A very simple procedure to treat dry hair includes the use of egg yolk. You can take the egg yolk with some water and beat it for a smooth consistency. You can apply it on your hair for 30 minutes and use cold water to wash it off. Eggs are an excellent conditioner for hair, and they add lustre to it.

Change in food habits
If you change your food habits and include omega-3s and antioxidants in your diet, you will have shiny and healthy hair. Don’t forget to include the following food items in your diet:

  • Fatty fish, comprising sardines, salmon, tuna and mackerel
  • Oysters
  • Walnuts
  • Broccoli
  • Kidney beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Blueberry

These remedies can make a big difference to your dry and damaged hair.