Nearly 3.3 million people in the country suffer from migraines on a regular basis. The exact cause and reasoning for what causes a migraine is unknown. There are many things that are thought to cause migraines. Some of the main causes include too little sleep, too much stress, too much exercise, loud noises, bright lights, dehydration and more. The causes are different for each and every person and migraines continue to be studied each day. 

Some of the main migraine symptoms include headaches, pain, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, dizziness, and more. To relieve these symptoms, try avoiding these common migraine olfactory triggers:

1. Cigarette smoke
Cigarette smoke is a common trigger for migraines. Cigarettes are full of harmful and toxic chemicals that give off a strong odor. When you breath in the smoke from a cigarette you are exposing yourself to a strong odor and many harmful and toxic chemicals. Avoiding cigarette smoke is essential to maintain good overall health and can help avoid migraines. If you suffer from migraines on a regular basis and are prone to migraines, you should highly consider quitting smoking or avoiding people who do smoke

2. Food odors
Some foods have extremely strong odors that can actually trigger a migraine. Some of the most common foods that have strong odors include fish, spicy food, alcohol, vinegar, baked goods, and more. The odors in these foods and sometimes the food itself can cause and trigger a migraine. If you are prone to migraines one thing you should try to do is to keep a journal of the foods you eat and cook. Since migraines are hard to diagnose and hard to determine the exact cause, a journal can help you self diagnose the trigger

3. Perfumes
The strong odor of perfumes can cause and trigger migraines in people all around the world. Oftentimes, perfumes and other fragrances have extremely strong odors that can irritate a person and cause a migraine. Perfumes are also full of chemicals, which can cause irritation and sensitivity. When your body is irritated by a strong odor it can cause your blood vessels to dilate and in turn, this can cause swelling, which can cause a migraine. Try avoiding perfumes and other strong odors if you are trying to prevent a migraine from occurring

4. Cleaning chemicals
We all use cleaning products on a regular basis to help keep our homes clean and our family healthy. While cleaning chemicals are a necessary item in every home, there are alternatives to the strong smelling chemicals that most of us use. If you are prone to migraines try switching to more natural cleaning products that are also efficient at killing bacteria and keeping your home clean. The strong odors in most chemical cleaning products are due to the chemicals found within the product themselves. Finding a cleaning product without chemicals can reduce the odor in the home and leave you migraine free

5. Scented candles or air fresheners
Other smells that trigger migraines include scented candles and air fresheners. These products are often made with artificial products that can actually be toxic for us. The soot that is found in candles when the wick melts and the paraffin within the candle itself are actually toxic. Burning and smelling candles can cause irritation in your body and can trigger a migraine quickly