Eczema is a skin disease that affects about 35 million American people. Children are impacted by this condition more so than adults. Up to 20% of American children have this disorder. Eczema sufferers typically have red, inflamed, dry, dark colored and patchy skin. Many families that have asthma suffers will usually have eczema as well. This skin condition is characterized by Dermatologists and physicians often treat eczema with skin barrier creams, topical medications and inhibitors. 

Natural remedies for eczema listed below can be used for treating this condition:

1. Natural aloe vera
Aloe vera is a plant-based substance that has been traditionally used for skin relief. This substance helps to heal skin by providing it with antibacterial, wound-healing, immune system-boosting and antimicrobial properties. A pure gel mixture is best suited for healing than the commercial lotion varieties that are often sold in stores. 

2. Colloidal oatmeal treatments 
Oatmeal is not just a breakfast food. This foodstuff can be used to treat eczema. Colloidal oatmeal is sometimes referred to as Avena Sativa. This form of oatmeal is derived from ground and boiled oats. These oats are boiled down into an extract which is then used for skin-healing benefits. This substance can help eczema patients to deal with flair ups, scaly skin and with itchy skin. Many consider colloidal oatmeal to be one of the best natural eczema treatments.

3. Coconut oil 
Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. It is derived from the coconut fruit and it is a useful substance for preventing infection. Staph bacteria cause problems with an eczema patient’s skin. They can find relief by simply applying this substance to affected areas of their atopic dermatitis . 

4. Bathing is a natural moisturizer 
Eczema patients usually suffer from excessive dry skin. If they take baths, this will help to return moisture back into their skin. The extra moisture is important because it helps to make their dermis soft and supple. Eczema patients must find a balanced temperature for water use. The water should not be too hot or cold. 

5. Using honey to treat wounds 
Honey has traditionally been used to treat wounds and damaged skin. This substance is derived from bees. The natural ingredients from honey have healing agents that work to eliminate bad bacteria from the skin. It is also useful for keeping inflammatory reactions from happening within the skin. 

6. Dietary changes and eczema relief 
A person’s diet will impact their overall health. Most people don’t believe this but it’s very true. Eczema patients can improve their condition by simply eating healthy foods that maximize their body’s ability to heal itself and function optimally. Anti-inflammatory foods such as fish, beans, leafy green vegetables and fruits are important for keeping eczema under control. 

7. Sunflower oil 
Sunflower oil is a natural hydrator for the skin. This substance is taken from sunflower seeds and made into an extract. This extract helps the skin to retain its moisture properties. The outer layer of a person’s dermis is protected with this oil. Sunflower oil is best applied to eczema damaged skin after a shower or bath.