As human beings age, the cells in their bodies continue to age as well. In the case of skin cells, the older we get, the more the cells and connecting tissues are broken down and replaced. This creates fatigue in the surrounding cells and tissues that can accumulate over a period of time and cause the skin to sag. This ultimately leads to wrinkles as the skin cells lose their elasticity and toughness.

While it is impossible to stop or rewind the aging process, there are still a number of ways you can use to improve your body’s skin tightening process. There are a number of surgeries available to correct saggy skin like a full body lift or a tummy tuck. However, these operations are invasive and can be dangerous if not handled properly. Here’s a compilation of a few natural skin tightening tips and methods you can follow to protect yourself against the appearance of saggy skin or wrinkles.

Dietary habits
There are a large number of vitamins and minerals that help your body fight against aging and help firm up your skin tissues. Eating a large number of fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial as these foods contain essential vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These are strong antioxidants that ensure that your body cells are healthy, especially against free radicals and other toxins. Free radicals can cause heavy damage to cells and tissues, sometimes causing them to mutate in unnatural ways. Making sure that your body gets its minimum nutrient intake for the day is a vital step in aiding its natural skin tightening mechanism.

Water is an important component in the proper functioning of your body’s daily function. This is more true for the skin, as it is exposed to the elements and is subject to a variety of changes in temperature, humidity etc. Water plays a crucial role in regulating and helping your skin cells, whether in the form of sweat or by helping in the production of collagen. Healthy water intake is therefore an important part of the skin tightening process. Lack of hydration can lead to diversion of water to other organs instead of the skin. This will lead to death of skin cells and the tissues becoming dull. Most health specialists recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Caffeinated beverages or sodas that contain chemicals and excess sugar are best avoided as they can hamper the natural hydration process of the body.

Giving your body enough exercise is also a very important method. With the increase in blood circulation, any accumulated toxins in your skin cells and tissues will be removed. It also enables more nutrients to reach the skin and stimulate the repair, recovery, and growth of new cells and tissues. For parts of the body that are not easily exercised (like the face), a massage is recommended once a while to get the blood flowing and to rejuvenate the surrounding skin tissue.