Lash and brow enhancer products make your eyebrows and lashes appear thicker, darker and more prominent. Let us look at some natural products that you could use.

Enhancing eyelashes and eyebrows
If you have felt that your eyelashes or eyebrows are thinning and are not looking good, then it’s time for you to opt for a lash and brow enhancer. These products help to create a fuller look for your eyelashes, enhancing its appearance and making it look attractive.

There are a number of products in the market to enhance the quality and appearance of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Let us take a look at some of the natural products you could use that are effective and also safe.

Coconut oil
One of the most natural and nourishing products is coconut oil. Organic coconut oil has been proven to be effective as a lash and brow enhancer. It is a natural product that is safe.

Apply oil gently to your eyelashes and eyebrows using your fingertips. Coconut oil prevents hairs from falling off and also helps to stimulate the growth of hair.

Castor oil
Traditionally recommended over the ages, castor oil is a well-known natural oil that enhances hair growth. It can be used on thinning eyebrows and eyelashes to promote their growth and thus make them look better. Usage of black castor oil is recommended as regular castor oil may cause irritation to people with sensitive skin.

Since both coconut oil and castor oil have excellent hair growth properties, you can mix these two oils together and apply quicker and highly effective results.

Shea butter
You can use organic shea butter for your eyelashes to help them grow well and improve their appearance. Take a little shea butter on your fingertips and rub gently to melt the butter. Apply to your lashes at least once a day. The vitamin E in shea butter helps to stimulate hair growth.

Petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly has a substance called petrolatum that helps to lock moisture in your eyebrows. This ensures that the eyebrows and its surrounding area are adequately moisturized. This makes the brows grow longer. Apply on your eyebrows every night.

Aloe and almond oil
The compound aloenin in aloe vera is known for promoting hair growth. The use of almond oil for hair growth is also well-documented. Mix a spoon each of aloe vera and almond oil. Apply to the eyelashes gently using a mascara brush. Make sure you leave it on overnight for it to show visible results.

Homemade serum
You can make your own homemade lash and brow growth serum. Take a small mascara bottle. Add a spoon of castor oil. To this, add two drops each of lavender and cedarwood essential oils. Mix well and apply on eyelashes using the mascara brush every night. This is an effective way to enhance hair growth.